“The Feline Angel: A Heartwarming Story of a Woman’s Devotion to Persian Cats”

Meet Michelle, a cat mom from Japan who takes care of her 12 adorable Persian cats. She shares their daily activities and photos on her Instagram page called “12 Cats Lady.” What started as a rescue mission for one abandoned kitten turned into adopting two more Persian beauties, and the other nine are their children from the same litter. However, all 12 of them are spayed and neutered now to prevent having more kitties. Michelle is happy with all her cats and proudly calls herself a “cat mom” to break stereotypes associated with being a cat lady. Watch how she manages to get all 12 cats to look at the camera by showing them their favorite toy made of feathers. Enjoy scrolling through her photos and share them with your loved ones.

It’s important to have a good meal before a photo shoot.

Two times

It’s always a great notion to treat your loved ones with their preferred goodies.

Afterwards, the daily routine proceeds as normal with a well-deserved nap on their human’s bed in the afternoon.

Sometimes, it’s okay to strike a pose.

During the photo shoots, some fun games are played to add excitement and entertainment to the process.

After that, there is an additional hour designated for relaxation.

Let’s take a stroll through the garden, who knows, we might spot a feathered friend!

Once that’s done, it’s time to get back to the grind of modeling.

Afterwards, the feline friends browse through the feedback provided by their followers on Instagram. To add to the excitement, they keep a tally of the amount of likes they have received.

Being a cat celebrity is not an easy feat, but you’ll go to great lengths to please your mom.

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