Tears flow as a paralyzed man pushes himself towards a kind stranger’s offer of food.

Numerous obstacles confront homeless animals in their day-to-day struggle for survival. Securing proper shelter, adequate food, and safe drinking water presents a daunting challenge, especially for healthy strays. However, imagine the predicament of a paralyzed dog – it would be nearly impossible. Despite his physical limitations, a dog named Kuya Bon was determined to survive. His owner abandoned him after a car accident, deeming him useless.

The owner of Kuya Bon had no empathy towards the poor dog and eventually abandoned him, leaving him homeless. After wandering the streets for an extended period, a kind-hearted person took notice of him and took him under their wing. Despite being exposed to harsh weather conditions, including monsoon season, Kuya Bon managed to survive against all odds.

From afar, a compassionate woman spotted Kuya Bon and brought him a bowl of food. As he enjoyed his meal, she noticed the severity of his leg condition. Despite his struggle, Kuya Bon managed to make his way to the bowl and ate with delight. The woman knew that he needed urgent medical attention and offered to pay for it out of her own pocket.

While Kuya Bon was waiting to get x-rays, a woman called a nearby rescuer for help. She pleaded with them to take Kuya Bon in as she couldn’t keep him and he couldn’t go back to the streets. The rescuer agreed and now Kuya Bon is being treated at a vet clinic. It’s still uncertain where he will end up, but one thing is for sure – he won’t have to live on the streets again! Check out Kuya Bon’s rescue below! We are so happy knowing that he is now safe.

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