Meet Mostaccioli Izanami: A Pair Of Purrfectly Adorable Felines

If there’s one thing that makes cats so special and unique, it’s their fur. Our feline friends can come in a wide variety of shades with stunning patterns, and no two are ever truly identical. For a pair of kitties named Mostaccioli Izanami out of California, they’re two cute cats that are steadily growing a fanbase online. And although Mostaccioli is quickly drawing attention for her purrfect little feline mustache, her cat housemate, Izanami, is worthy of praise too if you ask me! I caught up with their owner hoping to feature the pair on the site, and thankfully, their cat mom agreed.

So, everyone, please meet Mostaccioli Izanami

Mostaccioli   IzanamiMostaccioli   Izanami

Mostaccioli   Izanami Mostaccioli   Izanami

Mostaccioli   Izanami Mostaccioli   Izanami

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