Loyal Canine Stays by the Side of His Ailing Equine Mate Until the Final Goodbye.

Martn Miranda and his family rescued a group of dogs and a horse from an unfortunate fate. One of the dogs, named Forastero, was among those saved. Additionally, Canario, the horse, was in dire condition and was being prepared to be fed to zoo lions. However, despite Canario’s illness, Forastero remained by the horse’s side until it sadly passed away.

The family made a decision to inquire with the owner about preserving the Canary, despite knowing that it was not strong enough to support itself. They have a track record of rescuing different animals like chickens, bunnies, and dogs, and they felt that they couldn’t just let this horse pass away without trying to save it.

During a span of five months, Canario resided with Martin’s family, however, unfortunately, there was no improvement in his condition. In fact, it worsened to the extent that he lost his ability to stand independently.

Volunteers for Our Horses (VPN), a different charitable organization, reached out to Ayuda a Caballos Maltratados (ACMA) in Argentina concerning a horse that was lying on the ground and unable to stand.

The equine in question appeared to be quite advanced in years, with the absence of any teeth being a telltale sign. Its physical condition showed signs of extensive wear and tear, as evidenced by its frail and bony frame. Overall, it was clear that this particular horse had seen many years of hard work and was now well past its prime.

The veterinarian from Corse came to a sudden realization that he was not handling just another case of horse neglect, which is unfortunately quite prevalent in the region. Horses are often treated as racehorses until they drop dead from exhaustion. In the case of Canary, the horse was on the brink of death and unable to move. The compassionate doctor administered an injection to put him to sleep, finally giving him some relief from his suffering.

The family was surprised to discover that their beloved Canary had been sacrificed. However, they quickly came to the realization that the horse they thought was young and unwell was actually an aging animal seeking serenity.

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