“From Stray to Beloved: How a Viral Adoption Picture Brought Fishtopher the Cat a New Lease on Life”

After the tabby’s PetFinder profile went viral on Thanksgiving Day through a tweet, the cat, who used to look grumpy, received a lot of adoption requests from people who were interested in adopting him.

Social media played a crucial role in helping Fishtopher, a five-year-old rescue cat, find a new loving home. A tweet from @mollyaclarke shared Fishtopher’s Petfinder bio, which revealed that he only ate when he had company and was feeling sad and depressed. Moved by his story, Laura Folts and Tanner Callahan drove 100 miles to New Jersey’s Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center to adopt the furry feline. They arrived an hour before the center opened and competed with eight other potential adopters to win Fishtopher’s heart. The shelter stated that they received numerous inquiries from animal enthusiasts about the chubby tabby cat.

Folts and their significant other were excited about potentially adopting Fishtopher from the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center, even though they knew there were other cats they were considering online. They arrived early to ensure they had the first pick but were disappointed to find out that Fishtopher had already been adopted. The shelter later posted on Facebook, wishing Fishtopher well and gently reminding potential adopters that there were still plenty of other animals in need of homes. Fishtopher is now settling into his new home in Maryland, and his new owners have gone so far as to create a dedicated Twitter account to keep everyone updated on his life.

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