From Fighting Ring Castoff to Beloved Pet: The Inspiring Story of a Bait Dog’s Journey to a Life Filled with Happiness.

A bait dog that was found abandoned in the woods in South Carolina is making a miraculous recovery, all thanks to the dedicated care of his rescuers. Rambo, as he was named, was discovered by a member of Every Life Matters Animal Rescue, who found him clinging to life among the carcasses of other animals. It’s believed that he was used as bait for dog fighting before being left to die. After being rushed to emergency vets, Rambo’s condition was touch and go for a while. However, after receiving a month and a half’s worth of loving care from Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE), Rambo is finally starting to enjoy his life. Despite the doctors’ best efforts, they had to amputate both of Rambo’s back paws due to the severity of his injuries and infection.

At Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE), this furry fellow has been receiving lots of love and attention since he came in.

CARE has been overwhelmed by the love and support from dog enthusiasts all over the world.

CARE – Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency – is a place where pets receive medical attention. One of the patients there has a special attachment to a moose toy.

CARE, also known as Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency, has a new potential favorite in the form of a frog.

Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE) shared an update on Rambo’s condition. While he may have lost his back feet, the vets are hopeful that he will be able to bear weight on his remaining stubs after undergoing additional skin graft surgeries. The focus now is on getting pad tissue to the bottom so he can have a stable surface to walk on without the need for implants or prosthesis. CARE shared this positive news on their Facebook page.

At Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE), Rambo has recently received a wheelchair to help him move around comfortably. He is adapting to his new accessory with ease and speed. During his leisure time, Rambo enjoys showing affection by giving out kisses.

He has found a foster family who will take care of him.

According to a recent Facebook update by CARE, the event seemed to be a huge success as the dog got ample opportunities to cuddle with other furry friends.

Rambo, a fortunate soul, now has a promising future after enduring a traumatic past at Charlotte Animal Referral & Emergency (CARE).

The story of Rambo has gained significant attention, which his rescuers believe is beneficial not only for him but also for other dogs in similar situations. They are grateful that the increased coverage of Rambo’s story brings awareness to the issue of dog fighting that occurs locally. If Rambo’s story can save even one dog from abuse, then it is a successful outcome. In July 2017, Rambo was happily adopted into a loving home and enjoys spending time with his new family and dog siblings. He also visits his rescuers at CARE often and recently celebrated his birthday with a special pupcake.

CARE had the pleasure of hosting Rambo and his loving Momma today! We indulged in some yummy birthday cake, meant for both humans and canines, and showered Rambo with plenty of love, kisses, hugs, and belly rubs. We’re happy to report that Rambo is still as sweet, happy, and affectionate as ever since he found his forever home. Additionally, he seems to be maintaining a healthy appetite, as evidenced by his daring move of taking his whole cake off the plate at one point! Our hearts overflow with gratitude towards Rambo’s Mom for not only visiting us but also for providing him with a warm and caring home. Rambo, we love you dearly!

The good news is that Rambo has fully recovered and now has a loving family to call his own. It brings us joy to witness such a heartwarming transformation. Spread the word about Rambo’s journey and share his story with others.

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