“Abandoned Pit Bull with Unique Appearance Pleads for Second Chance and Rescue”

A pit bull, who was dumped in a garden and has a disfigurement, is pleading to be saved. Pit bulls are often unfairly labeled as aggressive, despite being the most mistreated breed and suffering the most in dog fighting rings.

The suffering and distress experienced by Khalessi, a pit bull mix who was discovered weighing only 20 pounds at the age of 2, is beyond comprehension.

A family found a dog with severe damage in their yard and reported it to Orange County Animal Services. The poor pup had already endured so much, yet she was still discarded like trash.

Oh my goodness! Just by looking at the pictures of him, it’s evident that someone was extremely cruel to this poor creature. It’s truly upsetting and disgusting that innocent animals are subjected to such unwarranted violence.

When she was discovered, half of her face was absent. Her nasal cavity and a part of her upper jaw were missing due to previous harm. Additionally, she had ancient pelvic fractures and limited use of her hind legs.

The canine’s nose region was experiencing severe issues with its snout, nostrils, and sinus cavity. Meanwhile, the woman bore extensive scarring.

Upon discovery, Khalessi was not only suffering from severe malnutrition but also had injured hind legs. The animal rescue group “Passion 4 Pit Rescue” was immediately notified, and Stephanie Paqun, a volunteer, readily welcomed the pup into their care. Khalessi received the necessary medical attention to ensure her survival.

To tell the truth, his circumstances were incredibly unfortunate and he had a lengthy journey ahead of him with numerous surgeries and treatments required before he could regain his ability to walk.

Additionally, there was a need for complex dental restoration for him as his jaw had lost bone, leading to exposed roots of some teeth.

Thankfully, they confirmed that there were no issues with his heart and doctors worked together to take care of his facial injuries. He experienced notable improvement with his breathing and even managed to put on a bit of weight.

According to volunteers, it is believed that Khalessi was used as a bait dog in the past. However, despite her heartbreaking history, she has always been a friendly and grateful pup who wags her tail joyfully whenever anyone cares for her. Her loyalty knows no bounds. Similarly, another dog with an amazing level of devotion has captured everyone’s heart despite missing part of his face. Despite undergoing several medical procedures on his hind legs and face, he’s doing well and still has plenty of love to give.

The unwavering determination of Khalessi, the dog, has acted as a driving force for veterinarians to not give up on her. Despite facing numerous challenges, she deserves to be happy and receive the care she needs. Fortunately, she is now in good hands and is receiving the love and attention she deserves. While she still has a long way to go before reaching her full potential, her strength and resilience keep her hopeful. It is important to share her story and spread the message of animal respect to prevent future abuse. Those responsible for harming innocent animals should be held accountable for their actions. Let us work towards ending this cruelty.

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